Neon Signs

Neon is tied to Americana and the open road – a symbol that illuminates the night and makes a bold statement for all sorts of venues. CNF Signs is one of the few sign companies in Oklahoma that employs full time neon tube artisans with 30+ years of experience, turning dreams into illuminated glass realities. Animated neon signs can tell a story in a nostalgic way. Let us help to tell your story! Call today at (918) 587-7171 for your free quote.

What Are Neon Signs?

Neon signs were developed in the early 1920’s when an unsuspecting French scientist named Georges Claude filled a glass tube with neon gas. After hooking the tube up to an electrical source, Claude discovered the amazing illumination that is now a staple in the sign industry.

Neon tubes can be customized to fit any shape or design imaginable, and they act as the perfect addition to any advertising sign. CNF Signs offers a variety of neon sign services, including:


  • Custom Neon Sign Construction
  • Neon Tubing for Existing Signs
  • Neon Tube Repair and Replacement
  • Neon Wall Signs…and Much More!

Whether you want to add neon to a sign you already have or you want to create a new sign for your business with neon embellishments, we have the tools and experts on hand to get the job done for you. Contact us at (918) 587-7171 for your free consultation, and we’ll show you what neon advertising could do for your business.

The pictures show some of our neon signs at work for our valued customers. Advertise your business day and night with a custom neon sign from CNF Signs. Your quote is free, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Call us today at (918) 587-7171 to learn more.

At Claude Neon Federal Signs, we specialize in neon sign manufacturing, so much that we have neon in our name! We combine long-standing crafting techniques with state-of-the-art technology to create one-of-a-kind neon signage for countless satisfied customers in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Our company has been in operation since 1926, which means that we’ve been here since the beginning. Many of our workers have 20-30 years of experience in sign development, so you know that you are getting a great product when you work with CNF signs. Call our Tulsa sign company at (918) 587-7171 to get a free quote for your neon sign.


Other Popular Signs

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To learn more about pylon signs for your business, contact CNF Signs today at (918) 587-7171. Our knowledgeable sales representatives will go over your many options to determine which sign style is going to generate the most business for you. Get a free quote for your custom pylon ID signage and discover the difference this powerful advertising solution can make for you.

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